The Process

With more than 20 years in journalism and publishing, I can help you make smart choices and take your project to the next level. Our work will be collaborative so that it's truly effective, from consultation to hands-on writing and editing. Since your project may require several rounds of back-and-forth to get it right, we'll set concrete, realistic targets that make sense. We'll communicate directly with each other on a regular basis so we stay on track and address issues as they arise.


Submit your inquiry

I'll contact you to set up an initial call. We'll discuss your project, identify your goals, review pricing, and solidify next steps.

Consistent communication

While I am working on your project, I pride myself on clear and timely communication with you–every step of the way. Our work is collaborative and consistent to get it right.

Final Review & Completion

We'll review final deliverables and discuss any remaining feedback I may have for you on how to strengthen your project going forward.